Dave's Plan

Dr. Moreau Extraction


I must apologize if the text is all wonky, at least from the preview, it looks like paragraph formatting is not working properly. First, it should be said that this is a plan which requires timing and alsoallows for a certain degree of fluidity but also relies on a signifigant amount of outside personnel. In my opinion it could be our best chance of success BUT it does not take into account other potential issues surrounding Dr. Moreau’s family. In a nutshell, we take out the guards escorting in one shot if they’re in 1 car, but there’s more to the plan if they’re in 2. At the same time we have a net runner take on the data download at Moreau’s home. More on the net run later on after I gain a better understanding on how all that works.

Watch and Wait

No matter what plan we adopt, surveilance is the key. We already know around what time the mark leaves his home and when he leaves the office. What we don’t know is the pattern, if any, the guard and drivers exhibit. Just because we were told there was no pattern, we should not simply see what route is taken, but see what route is taken versus time leaving and weather conditions to see if we can spot a pattern. In other words, if it rains are they more likely to take one route over another or take more escort.

Additionally, we need to “walk” the routes taken to see potential ambush points we can use, escapes they can use, and what the likelyhood of police intervention is and how quickly that would happen. It is important to realize that if we grab Moreau from his car, which I think is the best, though not only, option, there are going to be shots fired. I suppose this is the one danger of the plan… police involvement.

Of course, this all depends on the route. If the route always goes through corporate neighborhoods, we won’t be able to pull off a grab from the car and we’ll have to shoot up the guy’s house. I would rather not go into the guy’s house because the guards will be expecting an attack no matter what. If we disable security systems, they’ll know someone is coming. If we leave them active, they’ll know someone is coming. The best chance for surprise is to do the grab on the road.

The Equipment

Here’s where things could potentially get messy. We’ll need some more equipment and some outside help. In order to give us the best chance of extraction, we need our team assembled at the ambush point. Once we decide where that point is, we’ll need some outside help in the form of spotters. We’ll need these guys to tell us when the mark is leaving his house or office. We’ll also need spotters along the chosen route to give us updates, make sure they don’t leave the route we want, and give us final timing to the ambush point.

We’ll also need a car, one which is difficult to trace back to us. Maybe one which was stolen? I have no idea how efficient the police force is at tracking down stolen cars. We’re not looking for a limo or anything, but just a normal, every day car. The CP 2020 equivalent of a Honda Civic. We’ll want the frame of the car reinforced and structural reinforcement for the cabin as we want the team inside as safe as possible as well as a ram on the front end. This car will be used for 1 of 2 purposes, depending on the vehicles we have arrayed against us during the extraction. It will not be a getaway car. For that we’ll want something more high speed but equally innocuous. Something which has a good top speed but is common enough to not stand out in the crowd.

We’ll need a net runner in order to infiltrate the database at the house. I don’t know much about how all this works, but my assumption is that6 this would be in a private network. If it’s possible for a net-runner to break in, it would be ideal if he could infiltrate the network while we were doing the extraction. As I say, I don’t know a lot about this, so I may have to edit my ideas later. If it is possible, it would be ideal if he could steal the data and have some sort of program which would destroy the data after he did the grab.

All of this will come out of party money, our 500k slush fund. We will need to keep enough money behind to employ the net runner and the spotters for a few weeks until our ideal situation presents itself. Also, if such a program does not exist for the net runner to destroy the data after he grabs it and it is possible, we may need to fund the development.

Other equipment of a personal nature should be bought from personal funds (I believe we have 25k each). As part of the plan, Gregor would buy a Millitech Hot Shot and a missile for those pesky guards in an escort vehicle. Might be a little overkill, but I want that escort dead (and hopefully the guards inside) in one shot. This will come out of his personal funds and will probably cost a lot of his personal money.

The Grab

On the day of the ambush if there is only one escort, the good Doctor will be in the getaway car, Gregor will be stationed a few hundred meters up the street, preferably in an area with elevation to give him a shot at either a lead or following escort vehicle. Since the Militech weapon is the only one where visual targeting is possibe (though I suppose one could disable a laser sight) Gregor will fire on the escort vehicle, destroying it and hopefully the guards inside. The second car (the one reinforced and not souped up for speed), with the rest of the team will disable the limo with the doctor in. A good ram from the side on the front of the limo, damaging the car enough that it cannot continue. It doesn’t need to be much, but something to at least bend the front wheel or damage the body enough to make it at the least extremely difficult to drive on. The team in the “Honda” will jump out, take care of any remaining guards. Gregor will run to the getaway car after his shot blowing up the escort and drive the few hundred meters to the limo. the doctor gets out and either sedates the mark or aids him in transition from limo to getaway. Off we drive.

If there are 2 escort vehicles, Gregor will fire on the lead escort as the blast won’t hit the limo and if it does, it’ll only hit the front foot or so of the car so we won’t have to worry about it blowing up in the process. The “Honda” will ram the side of the the second escort, people spill out, throw lead at guards. Gregor drives getaway car to the limo, if guards still remain, helps mop up, the Doctor extracts and we speed away.

Not sure what happens on the net running side…

It must be said that this plan is in place assuming there is no other way to extract other than hostile action. Of course, if we can get into a situation where no shots are fired this is ideal. Also, this is simply my plan using Gregor’s skills to the optimum. It seems like the best chance of success to me given that half of our party are essentially non-combatants

Dave's Plan

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